Terms of Use

Health360.xyz is an online shop in Bangladesh with a legal identity. We are registered under the company act of People’s republic of Bangladesh. Beside that we comply under the rules of “বাংলাদেশ নিরাপদ খাদ্য অধিদপ্তর”. We are committed to provide quality products to achieve the goal of a healthy nation.
As an online shop we follows all the rules of ecommerce and impose all the best practice following in the ecommerce industry.

The personal data you are sharing with us for purchasing is completely secured and encrypted in our servers. We will not sale/exchange and rent your data to any other party for any reason. We only use your data for delivering the product, track your order and our sole marketing campaign.


Any person living in Bangladesh or outside Bangladesh can order from us. There are no age restrictions for ordering food products from our website.
As we are delivering the products cash on delivery, you must pay the full bill at the time of delivery. No due amount will be subject to cancelation of your order.

Your Account & Responsibility
We suggest you to order on your own responsibility via using your account on our website. Any issue occurs by the third party handling of your account will be suspend your account on our website.

Please do not share any information about your account to anybody. If any data breach from your end will be confirmed as your responsibility.
In case of any issue arise or dispute or error we strongly suggest you to call or email us immediately as soon as possible.

For any kind of complain please send us the issue in our contact us form.

Charges & Membership
Currently we do not charge any additional fees to you rather then the delivery charge. All the price of the products will be inclusive vat and tax.
You can get our membership for one year in just 500 taka. In this membership you will get an additional 10% discount on each of your order. This 10% discount will be your additional discount at the time of any discount offer we suggest.

We follow the industry standard cookie policy for track your order and where you are going from our website or from other websites. There are no such exceptional issues with the cookie policy.

Promotional Activities
By accepting our terms and condition you will permit us to make any promotional campaign by your data and send email, sms and gift card at your address.

Product Details
We only provide the product details as per the supplier suggest us or ensure us that his/her product has those quality and features.

Pricing & Return Policy
The price on our website you see will be the final price of the products. In no case this price will not be changed. Any order above 10,000 (Ten Thousand) taka will be automatically subject to discount.

Refund Policy
As we are providing cash on delivery service we will not refund after the product is delivered and screened by you. In case of any sudden change of disaster we may cancel your order. Even in that case you do not need any refund from us.